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The Musical Auditory Training (T.A.M.) was created to support people with central auditory skills deficit based on auditory training exercises of figure-ground with musical instruments, frequency and duration, directed listening, rhythm, auditory closure and memory. It was based in the Ph.D. dissertation of Dr. Katya Freire, named Treinamento Auditivo Musical: Uma Proposta Para Idosos Usuários De Próteses Auditivas (Musical Auditory Training: A proposal for elderly users of hearing aids), presented to UNIFESP - Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo in 2009. This work gave rise to the first edition of the material, comprising 7 DVDs, which was sold out in one year. In addition, the author received the Award Excellence in Speech and Hearing Pathology, in 2009. This is the second edition, presenting numerous improvements: new songs, new musical arrangements, modern design, more didactic approach and new exercises with greater challenges, for those that want to train their brain to listen better.
"The material designed by Dr Katya Freire is very detailed and stimulates different auditory skills. It is very useful to improve patients training in audiological therapy, providing additional practice at home. For musicians, it proposes new challenges, with different exercises, making the brain and the ears get tuned all the time!"
Dra Ana Assaf
Mestre em Distúrbios da Comunicação
Especialista em Audiologia
"Welcome, Musical Training! The tasks herein are non-verbal challenges, not always present in our daily practice. Users will benefit enormously from a 4-5-time 20-minute practice per week – a meaningful investment of time to connect and reconnect the brain. Enjoy the training! "
Dra. Ana Maria Alvarez
Audiologist - Academia da Mente
"Katya, parabéns ! Você vem trazendo excelentes contribuições para a fonoaudiologia. O site é, sem dúvida, uma ferramenta muito importante para o treinamento auditivo em casos de alteração de processamento auditivo."
Dra. Karin Ziliotto
Audiologist - Núcleo de Estudos Fonoaudiológicos
"The portal Musical Auditory Training by Audiologist Katya Freire is an excellent tool for training auditory skills. Indicated to all ages, it provides a dynamic and fun method with increasingly difficult levels, which is highly motivating and monitors hearing skills progression, such as: auditory memory, sound recognition and discrimination, sound figure-ground and auditory closure. Moreover, this new online version of the Musical Auditory Training provides the continuity of training at home, favoring therapeutic success."
Dra. Silvana Frota